Galloway/Lone Pine Community Design Survey

The City of Springfield needs your help to develop recommendations for the future of the Galloway/Lone Pine corridor. Based on feedback received from the first survey and public input meeting, concerns and priorities were identified that helped establish the foundation for this second community survey. Please provide your input on the following potential design solutions for consideration.

Questions marked with a * are required


For each question, please RANK the items within that question in order of your priority, with 1 being your HIGHEST priority. Each number may only be used once within each question. So, for example, if there are nine items within the overall question, you would rank each of the items from 1 to 9.

Design Standards: Site
Please rank the following possible Site Design Standards, in order of your priority:
Encourage preservation of existing tree canopy

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Increase landscaping requirements for front and side yards:
  • Require certain tree species and minimum diameter of trunk sizes.
  • Increase volume of landscaping and depth of space.

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Limit percentage of lot coverage (building and parking area):
  • Reduce % of paved area on a lot.
  • Increase quantity of green space in parking lot islands.
  • Require trees in parking lot islands.

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Encourage minimum horizontal separation between trail and street
  • Minimum distance
  • Physical barrier if protruding into minimum distance

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Encourage alternative transportation routes on lots (i.e. sidewalks / trails)

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Parking Along Street Edge
  • Require parking stall material to be different from street.
  • Require space between stall and street, around 3’.

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Limit height of retaining walls
  • 8’ height maximum per tier
  • Tiers cannot exceed 45 degrees.

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Utilities to be Buried
  • Require all future utilities and future work to existing utilities to be buried.

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Multi-family Housing Restrictions
  • For future multi-family housing, only allow townhouses and low-density options.

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